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Waterfall & Fountain Services

Commercial & Residential Fountains

We design and install custom fountains for both commercial and residential properties, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and ambiance with tailored water features that fit any setting.

Stream & Waterfall Services

Our stream and waterfall services include designing, building, and maintaining naturalistic and artistic water features that bring a sense of tranquility and beauty to your landscape.

Installation & Repairs

We offer expert installation and repair services for all types of water features, ensuring they operate efficiently and remain in top condition for years to come.

Why Choose us to Manage Your Fountains And Waterfalls?

We’re experts at managing, installing, and maintaining waterfalls and fountains. At LMI, our helpful team knows how to tackle all those difficult waterfall and fountain challenges with ease. From custom designs that perfectly complement your space to using the highest quality materials and eco-friendly practices, we ensure your water features are both stunning and sustainable.

Waterfall Services

  • Natural Rock Waterfalls
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Tiered Waterfalls
  • Cascading Waterfalls
  • Sheet Waterfalls
  • Wall Waterfalls
  • Stream Waterfalls
  • Formal and Architectural Waterfalls
  • Swimming Pool Waterfalls
  • Garden Waterfalls
  • Koi Pond Waterfalls
  • Eco-Friendly and Recycled Waterfalls
  • Indoor Waterfalls
  • LED and Illuminated Waterfalls
  • Sound-Optimized Waterfalls

Fountain Services

  • Tiered Garden Fountain
  • Wall-Mounted Fountain
  • Sphere Fountain
  • Bubbling Rock Fountain
  • Cascading Pot Fountain
  • Japanese Zen Fountain
  • Birdbath Fountain
  • Pond Fountain with Waterfall
  • Solar-Powered Fountain
  • Infinity Fountain
  • Rain Curtain Fountain
  • Floating Fountain
  • Spouting Statue Fountain
  • Rock Column Fountain
  • Indoor Tabletop Fountain
  • LED Lighted Fountain

Our Fountain And Waterfall Services

At LMI, we’re not just experts in water features; we’re passionate about creating captivating landscapes that leave a lasting impression. Whether you dream of a custom-designed waterfall that mirrors nature’s elegance or a stunning fountain that lights up the night, our team is here to make it happen. 

Not All Pond-less Waterfalls & Fountains Are The Same

Custom Design and Installation

We offer tailored waterfall design and fountain design, along with professional water feature installation.
A small black fountain, one of the charming water features, stands in a circular brick and concrete basin within a landscaped garden, surrounded by green shrubs and a long wooden bench.

waterfall & Fountain maintenance

We offer regular waterfall maintenance and fountain maintenance services, including fountain cleaning services, inspections, and seasonal services.
A circular fountain in a park with water streams spraying upwards, surrounded by green grass, trees, and buildings in the background under a clear blue sky—exemplifying expert fountain services.

Repair & Equipment services

Our team offers comprehensive lake fountain repair including maintenance of pumps, filtration systems, and other essential equipment to ensure efficient operation.
Waterfall fountain

Water Quality & aesthetics

We monitor and treat water to prevent algae growth and mineral build-up, including chemical treatments and nutrient management.

Commercial & Residential fountain and waterfall services

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Other Aquatic Services

Algae blooms & weed control

Invasive species mitigation and control

Water clarity & quality testing

shoreline erosion management

Water level management & detection

Liner & bottom soil damage

infrastructure damage

Mosquitos and other pests

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We specialize in custom designs, including natural rock waterfalls, tiered waterfalls, formal architectural fountains, pondless waterfalls, and illuminated features, tailored to fit your landscape and aesthetic preferences.

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. We recommend monthly check-ups for cleaning, water quality testing, and equipment inspections, with additional seasonal opening and closing services to protect against weather changes.

Common issues include algae growth, mineral build-up, pump failures, and leaks. We address these with comprehensive water quality management, routine equipment maintenance, eco-friendly treatments, and timely repairs to ensure your water features stay in perfect condition.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability and safety. Our methods include using non-toxic, eco-friendly products for water treatment, energy-efficient pumps, and sustainable practices to ensure the health of your water features and the surrounding ecosystem.

Absolutely! We offer personalized maintenance plans tailored to your water features' specific requirements, ensuring they receive the care they need to remain beautiful and functional year-round.