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Golf Course Aquatic Services

Private & Public Golf Courses

We provide tailored aquatic services for both private and public golf courses, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your water features while maintaining optimal water quality for a superior golfing experience.

Cleaning & Muck Removal

Our cleaning services ensure your golf course ponds and lakes remain clear and healthy, preventing algae growth and ensuring your lake remains clean and clear.

Installation & Repairs

We offer expert installation and repair services for all aquatic features, ensuring they function flawlessly and add to the aesthetic and ecological value of your golf course.

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Golf Course Water Features?

Maintaining your golf course water features are crucial for attracting new members, pleasing golfers, and improving your property while reducing long-term costs. At Lake Management Inc. (LMI), we specialize in creating and maintaining stunning lakes and ponds for golf courses. Whether you need a new water feature or repairs on an existing one, we offer timely, cost-effective solutions using the latest industry equipment.

Expert Water Care for Golf Courses

  • Experience. Our team has extensive experience in designing, maintaining, and enhancing lakes and ponds specifically for golf courses, ensuring they are both functional and visually stunning.
  • Maintenance and monitoring. We provide thorough maintenance services, including regular water quality testing, algae control, and equipment inspections, to keep your lakes and ponds in optimal condition and prevent costly repairs.
  • Eco-friendly Practices. We use environmentally safe products and sustainable methods to manage water quality, control algae, and enhance the natural beauty of your water features, promoting a healthier ecosystem.

Our Golf Course Aquatic Services

Our golf course services ensure optimal water quality and aesthetics. Let us handle your water care through our extensive list of aquatic services. Our golf course aquatic services include fountain management, erosion control, hydro raking and more.

Golf Course Floating Fountains

Fountain Management

At LMI, we ensure your water fountains remain stunning and functional with our expert fountain management and maintenance services. From fountain cleaning services to pump repair and replacement, we handle all aspects to fountain management.
Golf Course Lake Management

Lake & Pond Management

Our company provides comprehensive lake and pond management to keep your golf course ponds healthy and beautiful. We offer services tailored to California golf courses, including water quality testing, algae control, and nutrient management to ensure optimal water conditions.

Erosion Control

We implement effective erosion control measures to protect your golf course's water features from sedimentation and debris. Our solutions include sediment and muck removal, landscape integration, and barrier installation to maintain the integrity of your aquatic environments.
An excavator is pouring water into a pond, providing water feature services for a golf course.

Hydro-Raking Management

Our hydro raking management services clear out excessive vegetation and debris from your golf course ponds and lakes, ensuring a clean and balanced aquatic environment. Our hydro raking services effectively manage overgrown areas, improving water quality and appearance..
Golf course services

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide regular maintenance and repairs to keep all your water features, including fountains and waterfalls, in top condition and functioning efficiently. Our services cover everything from routine maintenance to leak detection and repair for seamless operation
Golf Course Fisheries Management

Water Feature Design & Construction

Our company specializes in custom water feature design and construction, creating beautiful and functional lakes, ponds, and fountains for your golf course.

Commercial & Residential Aquatic Services

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Other Aquatic Services

Algae Blooms & Weed Control

Invasive Species Mitigation & Control

Water Clarity & Quality

Shoreline Erosion Management

Water Level Management & Leak Detection

Liner & Bottom-Soil Damage

Infrastructure Damage

Mosquitoes and Other Pests



At LMI, we design and install a variety of custom water features, including lakes, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls, tailored to enhance the beauty and functionality of your golf course.

We recommend regular water quality testing and maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure a healthy and visually appealing aquatic environment, addressing any issues promptly.

Installing an aeration system improves water oxygen levels, reduces foul odors, helps control algae growth, and supports the biodegradation of organic materials, enhancing overall water quality.

We implement effective erosion control measures, such as shoreline stabilization and sediment management, to protect water features from sedimentation and maintain their integrity.

Hydro raking involves using a specialized rake to remove excessive vegetation and debris from water bodies. This service helps maintain a clean, balanced aquatic environment and improves the aesthetic appeal of your golf course's water features.